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    Дата выпуска игры: 12 сентября 2013 г.
    Соединение через: LAN или Интернет (Tunngle / Hamachi)
    Информация по игре: Arma 3

    Подготовка к запуску:
    1. Скачиваем и устанавливаем игру (1.56+4DLC, 9.85 GB): Arma_3_1.564DLC_Coop-Land_RePack_By_Crisis2010.torrent [26.41 Kb] (cкачиваний: 19816)
    2. Фикс уже встроен в раздачу.
    3. Скачиваем апдейт 1.60 и устанавливаем в папку с игрой Arma3_v1.60.torrent [28.83 Kb] (cкачиваний: 11278)

    Изменения в последней версии: здесь

    This hotfix does not yet fully correct multiplayer issues introduced in 1.26. It is an interim improvement, while we continue to find the source problem(s). Read more about this situation in the most recent SITREP.
    Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
    A Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users. It contains the previous significant main branch version (1.24). It can be used to compare specific changes between major releases. The access code for this branch is: Arma3Legacy124
    Removed: Guaranteed networking messaging (not just disabled). This may just be temporary while we address issues with this low-level networking feature.
    Fixed: Stack overflow crash
    Fixed: Missing console logging on servers

    Fixed: Damage and destruction materials for Hunter, Greyhawk and Offroad variants
    Fixed: Altian civilians should speak their language correctly
    Fixed: Demolition charge has correct model when dropped from inventory
    Fixed: Mi-48 optics
    Fixed: It was possible to access Arsenal on a destroyed ammo box
    Fixed: Sound of Wipeout rocket explosions
    Fixed: Alternative sights don't have optic effects from main sights anymore (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=13057)
    Fixed: Pitch shift of grenades
    Fixed: CfgPatches for camo versions of sniper rifles
    Fixed: Zone Protection worked only when there was an entire AO defined
    Fixed: Supports module no longer lists vehicles with protected scope as available Virtual Providers
    Fixed: Wrong localization of "Watch" button for Community Guides in French
    Fixed: Possible error message in Supports module when calling in artillery after a bombing run using Virtual Providers
    Fixed: Player's appearance consistent with the overview image of Showcase Supports
    Fixed: Panther no longer throws itself over the edge during insertion in Showcase Combined Arms
    FIxed: Changed squad movement speed modes in Showcase Combined Arms to accommodate changes to fatigue
    Fixed: Kuma vulnerability mitigated
    Fixed: Kart Trolley had a bad shadow
    Fixed: CfgPatches have been tweaked for Bootcamp components
    Fixed: Optimized overall car inventory maximum loads to more reasonable levels
    Fixed: Adjusted memory points of Bobcat LMG
    Fixed: Driver of Sochor may be shot while turned out (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19876)
    Fixed: Issue with OPFOR grenadier harness variant providing unreasonable amount of armor protection
    Fixed: Error message in MP Virtual Arsenal
    Fixed: Slightly adjusted damper size of quad-bike
    Fixed: Strange chromatic aberration in alternate scopes
    Fixed: Adjusted fire geometry of Blackfoot
    Fixed: Crawling animation are played slowly
    Fixed: Speedboat turret doesn't disappear after being hit
    Fixed: Faces now show proper author in Virtual Arsenal
    Fixed: Various visual issues with Tempests
    Fixed: Pilots' visibility of compass if radar is disabled
    Fixed: Adjusted water resistance of Mohawk
    Fixed: Sochor is now usable for the Artillery support module
    Fixed: Skinning of back shields of VR Soldier improved
    Fixed: Adjusted durability of rear glass of SUV
    Fixed: Adjusted geometries of Zamak
    Fixed: Nasty hit point settings issue that caused Helicopter Pilots, Helicopter Crews and Pilots across all factions to be able to sustain an unreasonable amount of damage suffered to their extremities. Their coveralls now offer much less protection against direct hits, however, they now offer some protection against explosive damage.
    Fixed: Model of Supply Crate has been recreated to prevent script issues (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19324 and http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19339)
    Fixed: OPFOR VR Soldier and Entity tweaked to receive the same damage as their counterparts
    Fixed: Unarmed player standing up from prone stance no longer players a swimming animation
    Fixed: Orientation of insignia (left arm), insignia / clan area made smaller to fit other BLUFOR units (like coveralls)
    Fixed: Possible scripting error in some instances of the player receiving damage
    Fixed: Self-propelled artillery is now correctly categorized as artillery instead of as tank
    Fixed: Possible error message when using Transport support module
    Fixed: Lights of HEMTT are no longer shining while off when looking from a distance
    Fixed: Showcase Combined Arms: Time limit is ignored once one member of the players' group boards the helicopter
    Fixed: Missing icons in ComboBoxes in editor
    Fixed: Incorrect colors of pictures in the Insert Marker display
    Fixed: Color of RscCombo
    Fixed: Missing rank picture in the map
    Fixed: Shadow for TRG-21 EGLM
    Fixed: UI icons of P07
    Fixed: ARCO accuracy
    Fixed: TI on GMG static turret
    Fixed: Color of pictures in variables ListBox in Colors tab
    Fixed: Removed excessive smoke magazines for Speedboat
    Fixed: Adjusted damage resistance of raised static weapons
    Fixed: Raised static GMG had a wrong get-out animation
    Fixed: Tweaked selections for the GM-6 model
    Fixed: Decreased too high maximum inventory capacity of several vehicles
    Fixed: Repaired shadow & placement of suppressor of 4-Five
    Fixed: Turning on the spot now has a negative impact over resting with all weapons in all stances correctly
    Fixed: Incorrect color of the side picture of a selected player in Role Assignment
    Fixed: Minor volume changes of crash sounds
    Fixed: Wrong structural armor of static GMGs
    Fixed: Rahim 7.62 - The iron sights on the barrel are too cold in thermal
    Fixed: Repaired fire geometry of the Ghosthawk
    Fixed: Default collective and auto-hover tweaks
    Fixed: Binoculars and range finders were not exported correctly from Arsenal (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20026)
    Fixed: Missing camo selection added to the remaining LODs of Press (Vest)
    Fixed: Pitch indicator of Blackfoot was reversed
    Fixed: Decreased direct impact of damage suffered over breathing
    Fixed: Pop-up error with Zubr .45
    Fixed: Various changes in localization and scope parameter of uniforms
    Fixed: Pedals and collective of helicopters work correctly
    Fixed: Removed random rotor from PhysX LOD of xH-9 family of copters
    Fixed: Arsenal module placed by Zeus didn't work correctly when Zeus was client
    Fixed: Adjusted durability of the Devices
    Fixed: Cargo get in side for Fuel Trucks
    Fixed: Civilian Fuel Truck has correct textures
    Fixed: Banking of cyclic for Mohawk
    Fixed: Flags on shoulders now look better
    Fixed: Missing camo-selection on trousers and gloves of BLUFOR soldier
    Fixed: Path LODs for AI in military cargo HQ buildings
    Fixed: Missing material for last LOD of the big transmitter tower
    Fixed: Buoyancy warning of the wave power plant
    Fixed: The ruins of barracks now have proper penetration materials and impact effects on the floor
    Fixed: Adjusted front and side plating of Panther
    Fixed: Centered external camera position of AMV-7 Marshall
    Fixed: Maximum and minimum elevation of RCWS guns on armored vehicles
    Fixed: An error when turning out in ZSU-39 Tigris
    Fixed: Removed borders on icons of ZSU-39 Tigris
    Fixed: An issue that guns on ZSU-39 Tigris could disappear when observed from far away
    Fixed: Enormous network traffic caused by Simulation Manager module
    Added: Opening / closing building doors now has sounds
    Added: Sharpen filter option (separated from PPAA filters)
    Added: Proper sound to VR surface when hit by fire
    Added: Area-restriction for missile-specific HUD feature for PO-30
    Added: New "Arsenal" module (when placed on top of a unit, Zeus can configure its load-out)
    Added: Seagull sound
    Added: Sound of church bells
    Added: RscTestControlTypes - display with all available control types
    Added: Sound of reloading the static GMG, Titan and Mortar
    Added: Sound of tank cannon reloading
    Added: Sound of HMG reloading
    Added: Ground Vehicle Crew community guide
    Added: Hint for using the UAV terminal into Showcase Drones
    Added: RCWS Stomper has a proper icon
    Added: ListNBox data and value
    Added: Configured position lights for Greyhawk / Ababil
    Added: CheckBox for controlling AV lights in AV terminal
    Added: IDC of lights CheckBox in AV terminal
    Added: An option for turning off headgear randomization for civilian characters via "this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false];" in the character's init. For turning off facewear randomization, insert "removeGoggles this;" into the character's init, or simply use desired facewear via "this addGoggles "facewear_class_name";".
    Added: colorPicture parameters to ListBox, XListBox and ComboBox
    Added: New sounds for getting in planes
    Added: Pressing Ctrl + Shift + C in Arsenal will export a load-out in config format, usable in CfgVehicles and CfgRespawnInventories. This option might be moved to interface later.
    Added: Wheels of helicopters properly roll while taxiing
    Added: Transmission hit points to helicopters
    Added: Ability to completely disable ZGM moderator rights
    Added: New option for Vehicle Respawn module, which lets the vehicle respawn only on synchronized respawn positions
    Added: More crash sound variants for MRAPs, Offroad and Quadbike
    Tweaked: Shadow LOD of beanies
    Tweaked: Armor and mass of the party tent and winner's podium
    Tweaked: Destruction effects for quad bikes and karts
    Updated: Sounds for character roll animations
    Updated: Improved skinning of main back shield on VR_Protagonist_F
    Updated: Optimized dust of some missile explosions
    Updated: Visual tweaks for the AAF officer
    Updated: Adjusted sound of fire mode selector on the Katiba rifle
    Changed: Heads of story characters are now part of Man_A3
    Changed: Fuel explosion power for land vehicles
    Changed: Set up correct fatigue exhaustion rate after the exhaustion rate multiplier gain from inventory load was fixed according to the original fatigue design
    Changed: Virtual Arsenal has been moved from Ui_f_Bootcamp to Ui_f
    Changed: Increased opacity of the Kajman's HUD
    Changed: Offroad maximum capacity
    Changed: Quad-bike maximum capacity
    Changed: Fuel explosion of various vehicle types has been tweaked
    Changed: Moved VR Training icons from Ui_f_Bootcamp to Ui_f
    Changed: Adjusted flare size of the Speedboat reflector
    Changed: Changed breathing speed coefficient to 10
    Changed: Adjusted positions of all UI elements in AV terminal
    Changed: OPFOR medic now has his rifle equipped with only a pointer by default just like medics of other factions
    Changed: OPFOR repair specialist now has the correct weapon variant
    Changed: Urban OPFOR medic now has the correct weapon variant
    Changed: Urban OPFOR explosive specialist now has the correct weapon variant
    Changed: Urban OPFOR engineer now has the correct weapon variant
    Changed: Slight tweak of sound gain of closure pistols
    Changed: Adjusted PAPI light material to shine at night
    Changed: Light helicopters are now available for CAS support
    Changed: Optimized character hit point settings. Actual damage dealt should be less random and more predictable according to the respective body parts.
    Changed: Scaled Independents vests back to the standard values
    Changed: Slightly increased capacity of the BLUFOR Rig and Grenadier vest to better compensate for their higher weight and avoid over-equipment
    Changed: Showcase Helicopters: Starting experience improved a bit
    Changed: Showcase Combined Arms: Increased time limit from 4 minutes to 6
    Changed: Renamed pictureColor parameter of ListBox, XListBox and ComboBox to colorPicture
    Changed: Increased weight of GPS and Radio items
    Changed: Increased weight of Rangefinder and Laser Designator items
    Changed: Sound of launcher reloading
    Changed: Shadow of GM-6
    Changed: UI icons for Rook
    Changed: Optimized inventory capacities of helicopters
    Changed: Optimized duty values of various resting positions. Resting is now dependent on what you are holding in a given position, how do you hold it (raised or down) and whether you are still or turning around. This differences applies to all weapons in all stances.
    Changed: Also substantially increased fatigue gain when getting from prone to kneel
    Changed: Set up correct breathing values for new breathing mechanics
    Changed: Increased weight of the GM 6 Lynx and M320 LRR rifles to better match their real life counterparts
    Changed: Water impacts of units (fall of soldier to the water) tweaked
    Changed: Color of selected item in ListBox, XListBox and ComboBox to white
    Changed: Tweaked AAF officer
    Changed: Parameter of the maximum audible distance of changing fire mode to 5 meters
    Changed: Some AAF soldiers now use U_I_CombatUniform_shortsleeve instead of U_I_CombatUniform_tshirt, which is used no more
    Changed: Explosive ammo (only for A-164) particle effects optimized
    Changed: Resistance of OPFOR soldiers to grenades
    Changed: Optimized following speeds of movement:
    Increased speed of walking in crouch with lowered pistol
    Increased speed of walking in stand with lowered rifle. (credits to Jester 814 for pointing this out)
    Slightly slowed down running in crouch with lowered rifle
    Increased fatigue gain while walking in kneel with raised weapon
    Decreased speed from running in crouch with raised rifle
    Slightly decreased speed for tactical movement in crouch with raised rifle
    Increased fatigue gain while walking in crouch with raised pistol
    Substantially increased speed while walking with launcher in crouch
    Increased speed of walking while standing with launcher
    Localized: Arsenal module error states
    Removed: Obsolete debug logs in Zone Restriction module
    Moved: New RscButton attributes from UI_F_Curator to UI_F
    Decreased general sway and breathing distortion speeds by 20%
    Decreased lateral sway movement by 20%
    Increased time window of holding breath to 8 seconds (previously 6) but also slightly decreased the time needed for holding breath to take full effect
    Left leg is no longer used to brake in standard cars
    Holder for LRPS should be available in Zeus
    Miniguns don't use submunition anymore
    Ability to steal UAVs by UAV Operators added (parameter uavHacker configured)
    Dust effects for characters improved (there was no dust on some surfaces which are pretty dusty in real life)
    Improved handling of multiple engine damage for helicopters
    Removed execVM on fired Event Handler of the AH-99 Blackfoot
    HULL damage indicator tied with total aircraft damage
    Camo variants of sniper rifles added to their respective snipers
    Sniper rifles camo variants added to their respective ammo boxes
    230mm rockets have a proper rate of fire
    Descending certain optimal slopes no longer restores fatigue; it 'only' prevents fatigue gain now
    Resolved: Animation problem with Mi-48's gatling montage
    Improved: Armored window hit points and crew protection hit points for the Mi-48
    AI discouraged from firing too small arms at gunships (12.7mm and above are still a threat)
    Moved Buzzard and Wipeout in Y axis in the model to allow them being spawned near ground
    Placeholder icon for VR entity body replaced with real icon
    Potential campaign spoilers:
    Common Denominator: Targets and RCO crate are now indestructible
    Damage Control: The Hummingbird can no longer be destroyed
    Diplomatic Relations: The Hellcat can no longer be destroyed
    Diplomatic Relations: Friendly fire is now detecting whether kills were made by BIS_lacey
    Diplomatic Relations: Added check to ensure player has a weapon before cutscenes start
    Fixed: Strider patrol not boarding its Strider in Situation Normal
    Fixed: Paradise Found: Miller was too quiet in the final cutscene
    Fixed: Campaign: Mike-26 is restricted even after Radio Silence
    Added: Better visuals for the VR Material Penetration course
    Added: MX magazines to the weapon crate in Common Denominator
    Changed: Wind setting from manual to automatic in Bootcamp campaign
    Changed: Damage Control: Adams will no longer occasionally order you to return while driving through Kavala
    Changed: Improved handling of Zone Restriction
    Fixed: Ensured Conway does not have any kind of face wear
    Fixed: Forcing Adams' position when checking the wounded is now less obvious
    Fixed: Strider patrol now reacts better to spotting the player in Situation Normal
    Fixed: You will no longer be ordered to destroy the wreck if it's already destroyed in Blackfoot Down
    Fixed: Replacement charges will now only be added to dead units in Blackfoot Down
    Fixed: Killing Sgt. Lacey should always result in mission failure in Situation Normal
    Fixed: Error at mission start in Situation Normal
    Fixed: Friendly fire detection terminated in the final state of each mission in Bootcamp campaign
    Fixed: Adams' map marker is now in the correct location in Bootcamp campaign
    Added: Death Valley: Added savegame before the plane attack
    Fixed: Script error after clearing the town in Infantry
    Fixed: Mission wouldn't progress if the medic died while treating a soldier in Infantry
    Fixed: hideObjectGlobal for Dedicated Servers
    Fixed: enableSimulationGlobal for Dedicated Servers
    Fixed: fuseDistance is properly calculated for EPE shots
    Fixed: Problem with color overflow in the VR world
    Fixed: Shaking of camera in extreme conditions when normal values for G shake are not set up
    Fixed: setDamage on static objects for JIPed players
    Fixed: Profile editing issue
    Fixed: Heading UI element in HUDs
    Fixed: PiP when switching from vehicle to UAV
    Fixed: Context menu can be accessed in tasks, main menu, players list
    FIxed: Headless Client should not start scenarios
    Fixed: Problems with create message ordering for JIP
    Fixed: Possible CTD in selecting weapons
    Fixed: Deactivate mine action for AI
    Fixed: UAVs do not have collision with units, but units do
    Fixed: addMagazine duplicates items when executed more than once
    Fixed: setTimeMultiplier is no longer affecting wind change speed
    Fixed: UAV cannot be connected after setCaptive true
    Fixed: Dedicated Server CTD
    Fixed: Possible CTD
    Fixed: Wrong initial path planning checks
    Fixed: lnbValue scripting command
    Fixed: UAV can not be hacked if setCaptive is true
    Fixed: Problems with a wrong FSM for the mine deactivate action
    Fixed: CTD after pressing M in UAV terminal view (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19890)
    Fixed: Removed animation spam when AI is trying to go from Lying to HandGunLying
    Fixed: Ordering of axes for UI object position getter
    Fixed: Autohover info control
    Fixed: Fatigue now not restored when holding breath
    Fixed: AI soldiers: Dynamic error influenced by fatigue and damage
    Fixed: UAV turrets rotation control restored
    Fixed: Speed of sound simulation
    Fixed: Multiplayer turrets movement not visible for other players
    Fixed: Removed URL length limit in structuredText control
    Fixed: AI is more resistant to bullets while moving
    Fixed: Instancing of proxies with different heat source in TI
    Fixed: An issues where crew of vehicles might not be rendered when observed through zoomed in optics
    Fixed: Game freezes when player mouse-overs the DLC text in Field Manual
    Added: Scripting command for camera locking (lockCameraTo)
    Added: Script command getCargoIndex
    Added: Support for Sharpen PP in video options UI
    Added: Animation source sound controllers support
    Added: New event onCheckedChanged for checkbox in UI
    Added: Possibility to enable / disable UI control directly in configs
    Added: Support for URL tags in structuredText control
    Added: New command for getting class name of given UI control (ctrlClassName)
    Added: Lock PhysX scene during buoyancy update for safety
    Added: New command for setting orientation of UI object (ctrlSetDirection)
    Added: Reading of config parameters for sliders
    Added: Loading of visible attribute for controls
    Added: Support for multi-samples in animation sounds, direction controller fix
    Added: New commands for setting and getting models for ControlObject
    Added: Dynamic creation of UI controls
    Added: Getters for control object directions, etc.
    Added: Detect interpolation change, added terminated parameter for doors
    Added: Event Handler for clicking on HTML tag in a structuredText control
    Changed: Small changes to fatigue formulas
    Changed: Minor tweak to weapon sway formula
    Changed: Disabled update of connection string in Steam profile (letting Steam to update connection string)
    Changed: Improved createVehicleCrew command to allow creating missing crew also in not empty vehicles
    Changed: World array vehicles for PhysX simulation moved to separate array
    Changed: Behavior of how fatigue and damage affects the ability to hold breath
    Changed: Changed config parameter naming for listboxes
    Changed: AI turrets aiming error now influences acceleration of rotation
    Changed: Further tweaks to breathing mechanics
    Changed: Commands everyBackpack and everyContainer return empty array also for null objects
    Changed: Separate DLL for the Steam interface which is used by Launcher and Publisher
    Changed: Order of cleaning the PhysX scene (fetch simulation before world clean-up)
    NV and TI mod in AV Terminal PiP
    Custom waypoint from UAV (LMB + Shift)
    Fixed: Crash when unable to read preview picture file
    Fixed: Missing parameter setting property
    Fixed: Addon management not updating addon number properly
    Fixed: Launcher freezes after multiple clicks on the re-download addon button
    Fixed: ‘Update available’ message is partially in the tick box
    Fixed: Unsubscribing an addon via Steam Client causes Laucher updating progress bar to freeze
    Fixed: Launcher doesn't finish download of some addons - colon is a volume separator char - replaced by '-'
    Fixed: Multiple download of the same preview image
    Fixed: Workshop item name change was not detected neither updated in launcher
    Fixed: Space is missing between some words
    Fixed: Launcher version can be one again copied to clipboard using shortcut Ctrl + . (Control + Dot)
    Fixed: Drag and drop sorting doesn't work correctly after opening and closing info of a few addons
    Fixed: Text overlaps when the overwrite dialog appears
    Fixed: Image directories are deleted as well now
    Fixed: Subscribed items filtering - items which have any of addonreqtag get into launcher
    Fixed: Window is too small when user has DPI over 100%
    Fixed: Removed padding change when mouse hover over button from default button style (was breaking custom message box)
    Fixed: Sorting arrow is blurred (replaced with custom path)
    Fixed: Removed dependency on assembly 'Microsoft.Expression.Drawing.dll'
    Fixed: Server password is not disabled after restoring default settings
    Fixed: NetLog parameter is named as Server and works as Server parameter
    Added: Feature "Addon Presets" (+ default file-based provider)
    Added: Page for News, displaying development reports from http://dev.arma3.com/
    Added: Launcher is now localized into various languages
    Added: Automatic upgrade of application settings between versions
    Added: Blurred background under main area if any content is displayed there
    Added: Examples to parameters
    Added: Configuration section for launcher-specific values
    Added: Support for displaying hints and errors in adorned box under text box control
    Added: HTML to XAML converter
    Added: Styles
    Added: Minidump and Windows Error Reporting support
    Added: When trying to run another instance, a message box is displayed: hitting OK will bring the other (already running) instance to the front and give focus to it
    Added: Launcher now saves the time and date of when it was last run
    Added: Bounce effect to checkbox from transition fron unchecked to checked
    Added: Restore factory defaults button to parameters
    Added: Code ensuring that presets will be initialized only once
    Added: Parameter control with Browse button for browsing folders
    Added: Parameter control with Browse button for browsing files
    Added: Value coercion to Parameter controls
    Added: Browse buttons to relevant parameters
    Changed: Options page header visually unified with the rest of the application
    Changed: Icons for buttons in addon manager, Options icon
    Changed: Visual tweaks to controls (check box, combo box, drop down menu, text box, scrollbar, expander, progress bar)
    Changed: Modified label sizing of Parameters page
    Changed: Unified visual style of news list and addons list
    Changed: Moved advanced parameters to new tab
    Changed: Modified alignment of status text in main window. It's displayed in the same position across different localizations.
    Proper handling of invalid path characters in addon names
    Slash in item name replaced by '-' to make it a valid directory name
    Changed log filename to RPT
    Preview images are saved in a separate directory according to a unique filehandle (fixed the case where two different items had an image with the same name)
    Removed close on Esc key press
    Adjusted margin of a label
    Changed: Tab control style font

    Server browser:
    Removed: GameSpy logo
    Removed: GameSpy / Steam switch
    Server count is now in-engine instead of scripted
    Added: Player's name
    Fixed: Devbranch watermark is no longer displayed after exiting Splendid Camera in the main branch
    Fixed: Mistake in condition of function BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17937)
    Fixed: Script error in function BIS_fnc_spawnGroup (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16889)
    Fixed: Tactical vest camo ground model
    Fixed: Wrong default values (getVariable) in the fire and smoke effect modules fixed (it is only safety-check, it shouldn't have any impact on functionality)
    Fixed: Iron sights and camo of armed offroad
    Fixed: Dispersion and engagement ranges of TRG 20 and TRG 21 were switched
    Fixed: TT05 - tweaked misplaced barrier
    Fixed: Unknown Community Author for static weapons backpacks
    Fixed: Align of holographic reticle
    Fixed: Typo in strength of handbrake for quad bike
    Fixed: Aimpoint visibility at night for MRD attachment
    Fixed: Player can no longer respawn into vehicle stolen by an enemy
    Fixed: Tasks were not auto-assigned correctly
    Fixed: When a vehicle respawn position was moved while a vehicle was waiting for respawn, the vehicle was respawned on the position before the change
    Fixed: Deleting a vehicle while it was waiting for respawn caused a scripting error
    Fixed: Pressing Up and Enter while in the MP pause menu closed the Zeus interface
    Fixed: Zeroing on EBR's ironsights
    Fixed: CAS modules in the editor were not trigger activated
    Fixed and updated all helicopters with proper inventory loads
    Fixed: Camo selection on the Beanie
    Fixed: RPT error when spawning a lightning bolt
    Fixed: UI texture of Black MX with muzzle accessory
    Fixed: Geometries of UAV entities
    Fixed: Decelerons on the Wipeout so that they both extend to the same extent when banking
    Fixed: Map icon size of portable mortars, offroad variants and assault boats
    Fixed: Missing vehicle dust effects for desert surface (only on Altis)
    Fixed: Unable to throw grenade through window of d_house_small_02_v1_f.p3d (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15704)
    Added: Stall warnings in HUDs of fixed-wings now flash
    Added: Altitude scales in HUDs of fixed-wings now show ASL instead of ATL. However, terrain indicators have been added.
    Added: Names and icons for CfgVoice classes
    Added: Bubble particle effect module
    Added: Empty cartridges effect module
    Added: "Vote Kick" and "Vote Admin" buttons are now visible in the Players list on Dedicated Servers
    Added: Inertia coefficients for all weapons and their attachments
    Added: Sounds for more cutscene animations
    Added: Ability to set number to XX for a kart by adding: this setVariable [‘number’, XX];
    Added: New parameter DLC to Kart DLC assets (DLC = Kart;)
    Added: Camo selection to journalist vest to allow changing of its texture \ material
    Added: New sounds for reloading some weapons
    Added: Correct ammo icons for Zafir MG
    Added: New zeroing adjustments for GL (50,75,100,150,200,250,300,350,400)
    Added: H_Booniehat_tan's ground holder
    Added: New textures for some of the caps
    Added: disableInventory=false to both fuel pumps as preparation for fixing unwanted inventory space
    Added: Damage and map properties and plate selection to the geometry LOD of steel plate training targets
    Added: Possibility to turn on auto-refreshing of the unit identity on mission start (used for Win missions without hub)
    Updated: TRG mass
    Updated: Credits with new developers
    Updated: Duty values for some animations states
    Updated: Thermal signature of Mk200, Khaybar, Zubr and MX
    Adjusted: Guerrilla uniforms of various sides so they can only be picked by a character of their side
    Adjusted: Inventory radius of Supply Crates
    Adjusted: Selections for texture variations of Offroad
    Adjusted: Supply capacity of supply boxes
    Adjusted: Positions and radii of Mi-48 inventory supplies
    Adjusted: Fire mode volumes
    Adjusted: Side of shelters and sports ground assets so they can show up in Zeus
    Revised: Armor of lampposts in config and added as properties in their models
    Changed: vehicleclass for SportsGrounds_base_F from Structures to Structures_Sports
    Changed: Field Manual icon used for highlighting displayed hints
    Changed: Sounds for unsynchronized weapon reloading
    Changed volume for reloading
    Changed reloading sound of Zafir and Mk200
    Changed: Scope parameter of some of the headgear
    Changed: Sound for animations of lying wounded
    Ejection seats in planes now propel the pilot high enough to parachute (from ground)
    Increased mass of the UAV console
    Tweaked memory point for guns on the Stomper
    Rahim rifle is no longer able to attach Rail attachments
    Surface friction has been tweaked for various terrain types
    Increased supply radii of fuel/ammo/medical support trucks and substantially increased ammunition load of ammo trucks to fix the unpleasant issues where several vehicles were not able to reload a reasonable amount of ammunition for their weapons
    Removed inventory from Fuel Station Feed
    Optimized ladder actions
    Access set to Read and Write for cfgMovesBasic
    Ordering a medic to heal someone now displays the correct icon
    Changed volume for change of weapon fire mode
    Access to cfgRecoils set to Read and Write (see http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12419)
    Standardized inventory configuration for armored vehicles and added basic equipment even for MBTs
    Civilian and guerrilla trucks have proper selections for custom texture variants
    Redefined aim point of Supply Boxes
    Introduced weapon inertia settings for launchers
    Scoped out redundant Titan long / short classes from editor (due to configuration class names integrity the classes should remain)
    AI is more likely to target enemy transports
    Minor volume changes for closure and fire mode change sounds
    Particle effect modules localized
    Reduced: Armor of light bulbs on street lamps for they were very hard to destroy even with concentrated machine gun fire from close vicinity. Also changed the material for Decor Lamp to improve over-penetration issues.
    Adjusted: Mass of barrels to reflect their contents
    Changed: Damage property of buckets from building to tree so that they fall over
    Changed: Penetration materials so that the geometry of the dome of all radars is consistent
    Changed: Penetration material of metal parts to make it consistent through stages of the tent hangar
    Mapped granite penetration material instead of concrete on ancient walls
    Checked and fixed penetration materials and properties of walls
    Mapped concrete penetration material on the base of phone booths
    Minor code and debug print adjustments
    Potential campaign spoilers:
    Implemented: Patrol squad and vehicles
    Implemented: Patrol spawnpoint selection
    String "Camps" replaced for reference to already localized string
    Commands weaponsItems and magazinesAmmo replaced for Cargo versions
    Removed: Checking of persistent variables against
    Adjusted: Loadout of several units on hubs
    Functions now support vests and uniforms as containers
    Container functions updated to use accurate magazinesAmmo, that was recently updated to work with containers as well
    Thanks to command addItem being fixed, there are now goggles / glasses in the hub Armory
    Hub markers added to strategic map - for quick start and skirmish spawnpoint selection
    Improved: Hub marker visuals
    There is now a simple get in animation played when "start patrol" is executed
    Friendly fire is now monitored also on patrol vehicles and crew
    Updated: Hub composition
    Added: Patrol starting points
    Adjusted: Skirmish triggers
    Added: Cargo content interaction with pool
    Patrol characters now properly interact with the pool
    Patrol character identities are now correctly set
    Patrol tasks on hub now point to the suggested transport vehicle
    Added: Customization template definitions for all randomized vehicles
    Added: Template for patrol squad members
    If player loses a car, he gets a new default one, once he arrives back on the hub
    On-hub scene when player returns from patrol is now created
    Added: System for persistent customization
    Patrol trigger now shows the spawn point location on the map
    Localized: User action label
    BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat doesn't attach the unit anymore
    Added: Possibility to define bottom text, hide labels at mission markers and define a custom mission marker texture
    Uniforms added via forceAddUniform when needed
    Added: Some micro compositions for patrol
    Added: Support for multiple vehicles returning from patrol. Only the player's vehicle will appear on the hub, but the cargo of all vehicles get stored to the pool.
    Persistent identities between B_hub02, B_m02_1 and B_m02_2 now work correctly
    Used names are permanently removed from the pool of names for the auto-generated identities
    Icons added to user actions on hub, namely: open strategic map, start briefing, start patrol and get recommended gear
    Added specific identities to story characters
    Fixed: Transition from patrol to hub
    Fixed: Wrong initialization of the equipment pool
    Fixed: 2 broken uniforms removed from Adapt pool
    Fixed: Gear persistence issue between C_out2 and C_EB
    Fixed: Implicit persistent variable values solution
    Fixed: Issue where mission providers after debriefing didn't have a weapon (James in B_hub01 now has a weapon after debriefing)
    Fixed: Problem with briefing date detection
    Fixed: Typos in character definitions
    Fixed: Locking of patrol vehicle when player returns from patrol
    Fixed: Colliding position by two soldiers at Rogain
    Optimized: Linux Dedicated Server performance
    Disabled: GameSpy technology
    Fixed: Diary closing when tasks are not selected
    Fixed: Task position when attached target is deleted
    Fixed: Ironsights zeroed to a non-default value after the removal of optics
    Fixed: Voice-Over-Net: Custom channel volume based on distance
    Fixed: Switching from -joinString to -connect in the in-game requests
    Fixed: Position determination for tasks attached to a target object / unit
    Fixed: Dead soldiers on ladders
    Fixed: Buldozer brush size change (was possible to go above maximum size)
    Fixed: Buldozer brush strength settings (now it is individual for each brush mode)
    Fixed: Possible CTDs in network server
    Fixed: Blinking of caustics when texture memory is low
    Fixed: Possibility to change a soldier's faction by grouping him with a group from another faction (Zeus)
    Fixed: Blue line artifact on the horizon
    Fixed: Desync in MP after the revision 124842 fix
    Fixed: Possible crash when an AI brain is not present
    Fixed: Player starts without rebreather in the Wet Work scenario despite being assigned one
    Fixed: Missing class name in campaign tree for old structure campaign configs
    Fixed: Possible CTD while the world is destroying itself
    Fixed: Possible CTD in Zeus when ungrouping soldiers
    Fixed: Fog on craters (bullet impacts)
    Fixed: Formatting of number of servers in the multiplayer display
    Fixed: Possibility to change scenario parameters in MP after a game has already started
    Fixed: Dead body icon
    Fixed: Catching missing callback from Steam
    Fixed: CTD when opening inventory in combination with createAgent
    Fixed: Possible CTD in airplanes
    Fixed: Exploitable command forceRespawn
    Fixed: CTD occurred when ejecting dead unit from a car (Zeus)
    Added: Fuel explosion power value for all vehicles
    Added: Script commands for basic 3D vector operations (vectorAdd, vectorDiff, vectorCrossProduct, vectorDotProduct, vectorCos, vectorMagnitude, vectorMagnitudeSqr, vectorMultiply)
    Added: Script commands for vector distance and square distance (vectorDistance, vectorDistanceSqr)
    Added: Class names to campaign tree (if they are defined)
    Added: Logging of unsuccessful attempts to call loadFile, preprocessFile, preprocessFileLineNumbers script commands
    Added: New brush mode to Buldozer.
    Added: Limits for setWindSpeed because of the possibility to completely destroy meshes
    Added: Script commands magazinesAmmoCargo and weaponsItemsCargo
    Added: New script command to open YouTube videos (openYoutubeVideo)
    Updated: In-game help for loadFile, preprocessFile, preprocessFileLineNumbers script commands
    Optimized: Weapon effect simulations
    Driver proxy for Inverse Kinematics taken from correct LOD
    New parameters for fatigue thresholds moved to config
    Refactored: Current recoil mechanics for better understanding and easier future changes (again, may not yet be fully noticeable in devbranch - but gives an indication of what’s being worked on)
    Threaded sensor network updates are now enabled in all versions
    Minor dead bodies optimization
    UAV - Locked camera (added a new key binding to do that)
    UAV - Camera stabilization
    UAV: Locked camera - camera rotation precision improved
    UAV: Locked camera - camera rotation set to zero when switching to manual view
    Public description for commands magazinesAmmo and magazinesAmmoCargo received minor changes
    Inventory load now affects stamina regeneration

    Added: Customizable area for scenario-specific on-screen information (e.g. info about time and place)
    Added: Custom scenario name is now shown also in diary
    Added: SMG optic variants to appropriate ammo boxes
    Added 6.5mm LMG sound suppressor into INDEP support ammo box for M200 machine-gun
    Added: Possibility to disable randomization and set a color to randomized vehicles by using ‘this setVariable ["color",X]’ in the init of the vehicle where X is a number ranging from 0 to the number of skins (minus 1). If the number is out of range, the skin is still randomized.
    Added: LAND waypoint (can be found under "Scripted" category)
    Added: New parameter with ability to disable sound of advanced hint in BIS_fnc_advHint function
    Added: Support of variables (%#) in arguments array of advanced hints
    Fixed: Looking up or down while operating a raised static weapon in the bunker (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14960)
    Fixed: Shapes of batteries and duct tape objects
    Fixed: Invalid string for gatling cannon in HUD of AH-99 'Blackfoot'
    Fixed: Levitating missiles on helicopter gunships
    Fixed: Unified re-spawn weapon for BLUFOR AT specialist
    Fixed: Unified chem-light color of BLUFOR helicopter pilots and helicopter crew
    Fixed: Stadium model position and roadways
    Fixed: Damaging of Tempest with the device
    Fixed: Escape from Altis - Forced wait for respawn causes a mission failure
    Fixed: Get in / get out points of fuel and box version of Zamak
    Fixed: Shadows of H-barriers
    Fixed: Artillery vehicles moved to FIRE MISSION waypoint after running out of ammo
    Fixed: Artillery fire sometimes didn't resume after reloading a magazine
    Fixed: COOP 12 Tanks: Random tank destruction when starting mission without all crewmen
    Fixed: Selections in flag models and changed flag simulation
    Fixed: Excessive side sliding collision damage for Pawnee
    Fixed: UH-80 radar animation mirrored for fancy looks
    Fixed: MBT-52 Kuma retexture issue with spawned vehicle
    Fixed: When respawning into vehicles, player was sometimes stuck inside and couldn't get out (often being switched through multiple vehicle positions as well)
    Fixed: Flipping static GMG when firing by decreasing Hit and indirectHit parameter while increasing explosive parameter above and beyond 1 to maintain ammo destructive potential at the same level
    Fixed: RPT spam of "weapon:"?" with ? modes needs weapon mode with index ?, but given silencer ( ? ) has only ? modes" by adding a specific suppressor for MX SW
    Fixed: Offroad braking on its own too much
    Fixed: Players should now be able to distinguish AH-99 'Blackfoot' as itself, not just as a 'Helicopter'
    Fixed: Casings from Ghosthawk's left gun are no longer ejected from the right gun (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17621)
    Animals should have textures even when not local in MP
    Re-introduced radar for AAAs
    Adjusted geometry of the cargo deck and decreased roadway levitation of Trawler
    You weren't able to show hints when tutorial hints were disabled. Now you have parameter for it and you can set if hint will be shown when tutorial hints are disabled or not (_this select 5).
    Header of BIS_fnc_advHint corrected: (_this select 3) and (_this select 4) parameters (condition and duration for full version of hint) were already implemented
    Further optimization of animals randomization using call instead of execVM
    IR laser intensity over distances has been tweaked
    Adjusted maximum vertical angle of static weapons
    Minor optimization of explosive parameters to better scale explosive damage capabilities amongst various ammo types
    Increased weight of 30 round 6.5mm magazine to 10 mass, for it should be heavier than 30 round 5.56mm STANAG magazine (which has 8 mass)
    Set up proper mass values for all optics. Previous values did not considered used models (generally too small)
    Decreased weight of PCML (NLAW) rocket allowing Independent Rifleman (AT) to carry one more rocket of this type in his backpack. Since the BLUFOR counterpart has better personal protection and more durable armored vehicles, there is a nice balance.
    Optimized load out for urban camouflage ammo bearer backpack
    Added proper tracer color for M200 machine gun after description change
    Allowed anti-personnel mines to be stored in vests. Previously they inherited only in backpack policy from AT mine.
    Neophron has correct descriptions in its interior
    Shadows of boonie hats and caps have been improved
    Removed: Forced respawn at the start of Escape: Altis
    Adjusted distant LODs of road cones
    Countermeasures of tracked APCs are working yet again
    Blackfoot crew has correct dead poses
    Tempest crew has improved animations
    Many small localization fixes in various languages
    Adjusted icon for item holders to be more generic
    Purge of obsolete cfgPatches entries
    The GUARD animation set was removed from the pool of possible sets (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17085)
    Advanced hint argument preprocessor (BIS_fnc_advHintArg) - optimizations, info about undefined key is now logged via BIS_fnc_log instead of BIS_fnc_error
    Attempt at a creative solution to this minor, yet quite interesting issue: Ghosthawk minigun is able to damage the heli carrying it
    Tweaked: Kamysh destruction textures
    Gunner optics view disabled when turned out for AAA
    Revised: indirectHit parameter amongst several calibers up to 40mm, NLAW and RPG to match actual infantry resistance levels against that damage. Indirect damage is generally lesser, but has greater range.
    Scaled down Titan AP indirect hit damage to better match infantry protection levels. Damage is lesser, but previous changes increased range substantially.
    Tweaked: Ballistics of 105mm rounds and increased splash damage radius of 105mm HEAT-MP rounds
    Refresh support for advanced hint system. Calling of an advanced hint which is already shown just refreshes it instead of closing and opening it.
    Variable BIS_fnc_advHint_state (missionNameSpace) contains info about the currently displayed advanced hint
    Decreased triggerTime of Minigun ammo. Also removed explosive effects from 7.62mm Minigun ammo that were inevitably inherited from SubmunitionBase class of ammo (AH-9 minigun should behave well yet again)
    Modified helicopter pilot head limits
    Made floating structures indestructible as they were supposed to be
    Improved destructive capability of under-barrel and GMG grenade projectiles against vehicles
    Helicopter damage handling improvements:
    Reasonable protection from small arms
    Added: Fuel hitpoints to helicopters
    Engines better (reasonably) protected from small arms
    Fixed: Gunship turret gun animations and optics locations
    Potential campaign spoilers:
    Game Over: Deleted duplicated scientists in the Dome
    Game Over: Repositioning of some aerial vehicles for better in-game effect
    Moral Fiber: Instant death if player moves more than 300m from target tank (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18317)
    Many tweaks and improvements to the campaign hub mechanics (will be detailed in a future OPREP)
    Added: Full item / gear persistence
    Backpacks removed from the briefing pool
    Zone restriction extended to cover all situations when player is leaving hubs
    Skirmish trigger removed; it is now handled by zone restriction
    Ambient and POI conversations are now enabled
    Starting pool for Win adjusted. Overall counts were lowered.
    Correct armory animation is now set after player is redressed
    Smart detection of magazines to be added for a weapon was implemented
    The required list is now sorted the way that first are non-magazine and non-weapon equipment, then are magazines and last are weapons
    Fixed: Issue with given weapon without loaded magazine
    Added: Cutscene animations without weapon and their transition animations
    Weapon is auto-forced to player only for "Welcome on Hub" cutscenes
    Functions of easy detection of player being close or at armory added
    Detection of player at or close to armory improved
    If Rearm is not necessary an optional task is not given to player anymore. Instead player gets a notification about the rearm possibility.
    A hint with the list of required gear is always shown at the armory
    Auto-adding of required gear now happens only for the first time the player visits the armory
    Added: Possibility to return all required gear, not only the required gear that is missing
    Campaign CfgHints included into every campaign mission
    Time limit increased to 15 minutes, player gets warning at 15 and 3 minutes
    If the player won't get to assemble point in the 15 minutes:
    Task fails
    Player gets the recommended gear
    Mission is auto-started
    Hub composition updated; boxes for persistent gear renamed, repositioned and added
    Gear on units with "adjustArmory = 0" is shown in the armory composition
    Containers and goggles removed from mission briefing pools
    Tweaks in Skirmishes
    Fixed: Ambient animations
    Fixed: Bug with gear not saving when transiting to skirmish
    Stance "UP" forced for all units in ambient combat
    Forced change of player's loadout after Bommos debriefing disabled. Player will retain his gear.
    Added: Several extra hub notifications
    Added: Hub / armory sounds
    Added: Hub notification for "Required Gear"
    Timeout (3 mins) added for debriefing attendance in hubs
    Radios and maps added to the starting pool for all 3 episodes
    "map" and "radio" added to player's required gear list
    Swapping of backpacks at hubs is now more safe
    Required radio and map are now auto-equipped when obtained at an armory
    Action "Take Recommended Gear" is now added to the Armorer after the required gear is obtained
    Starting pool definition improved to better translate from pre-1.18 savegames to the 1.18 update
    Rangefinder definition added to BIS_fnc_camp_getEquipType
    Added function for detection of empty variants of the special backpacks
    Fixed: Credits at the end of campaign episodes
    Added: "Scenario Name" module which allows Zeus to set the name of the current scenario. It's shown to every player who joins or respawns.
    Added: Skill can now be set also in group attributes. The adjusted value is applied to all group members.
    Added: Ability to set the Game Master module’s "Default addons" attribute to "All", which will automatically add every addon in the game, including community ones
    Added: Speed mode can now be set in the group and waypoint attributes windows
    Added: New attribute for Custom Objective allowing Zeus to disable the objective destination. Useful for more abstract tasks, e.g., "Remain stealthy".
    Added: New markers are now created with the color of the previously set marker
    Added: Custom channels for each side in a ZGM scenario. E.g. BLUFOR can now communicate with Zeus without other sides hearing it.
    Added: Icon for HQ module
    Added: List of recent entities in the CREATE bar. Stores up to 20 objects, groups, modules or markers which Zeus placed.
    Added: Groups can now be marked as respawn position. Players will respawn on the position of its leader.
    Added: It's now possible to change a MOVE waypoint to a different type in its attributes. Available are GET OUT, UNLOAD, TRANSPORT UNLOAD, LAND and FIRE MISSION.
    Added: HQ entity is now created automatically when no speaker is given
    Added: Objectives and briefing entries can now be added to individual groups or players, not only sides
    Added: Better label for group respawn attribute
    Added: "Wait until" waypoint attribute, allowing Zeus to set when a waypoint will be completed in order to synchronize the movement of multiple squads
    Fixed: Objective modules were registered as respawn positions (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18312)
    Fixed: 'respawnOnStart' attribute in description.ext was ignored (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14585)
    Fixed: Autonomous vehicles are now respawned with virtual crew inside
    Fixed: Players were removed from Zeus' list after they died in ZSC scenarios
    Fixed: Zeus in ZGM scenario with God mode enabled still had challenges
    Fixed: Incorrect players count in MP header in ZGM 48+2 Master Stratis
    Fixed: When Zeus played some music, other Zeus players couldn't hear it
    Fixed: Deleting an object to which "Move", "Neutralize" or "Protect" objective is attached resulted in the objective being moved to the bottom left map corner
    Fixed: "Neutralize" and "Protect" objectives no longer require objects to be completely destroyed, disabling them (e.g., shooting vehicle tires) or killing their crew will complete them as well
    Fixed: When one Zeus took control over a unit and another Zeus did the same with the unit as well, the first Zeus lost the ability to control any further units. Now, the seconds Zeus won't be able to take over already controlled units.
    Fixed: Editing the Intel item deleted previously saved text
    Fixed: Weather module didn't show a fog preview in singleplayer
    Fixed: Hiding and showing the Zeus interface ('Backspace' by default) created a non-interactive area where a notification is shown, preventing Zeus from selecting or editing units there
    Fixed: Entity icons were hidden when Zeus returned to the interface after leaving it with hidden menus (by 'Backspace')
    Fixed: Vehicles can no longer be configured as respawns for sides without any players present in the mission
    Fixed: Vehicles were unintentionally repaired when editing attributes (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18423)
    Fixed: "Play Radio Message" module didn't work
    Fixed: HQ module didn't initialize properly when created on-the-fly
    Secret Documents are now properly marked as being made by Bohemia Interactive
    Added: New animation sources for car throttle and brake
    Added: World parameter for sky / fog color influence (skyColorInfluencesFogColor - default true)
    Added: Overloading for hideObjectGlobal (hideObjectGlobal )
    Added: Squad icons to Zeus
    Added: Support for native Linux extensions via the callExtension command
    Added: New scripting command moveInAny
    Added: List of recently used / created items to Zeus
    Added: New scripting command squadParams
    Fixed: CTD when assigning NULL unit to Zeus
    Fixed: Removed possibility to add map object as editable in Zeus
    Fixed: Pasting group with disabled units in it (Zeus)
    Fixed: Inability to open interrupt dialog when no save folder is there (unsaved scenario started from editor)
    Fixed: Creating a ground weapon holder and using the action to drop primary weapon to it caused a freeze
    Fixed: Computation of server-side net error of muzzle infos (optimization)
    Fixed: You can't put items directly to respective slots from a non-initialized container on a dead body
    Fixed: Picking up an unequipable uniform broke the gear UI
    Fixed: Possible cause of CTD on Dedicated Server
    Fixed: Placing units over each other in the 2D map (Zeus)
    Fixed: Empty action on dead body with only a handgun
    Fixed: Possible crash in MP games
    Fixed: Possible CTD while adding experience to AI (global situation knowledge)
    Fixed: Crash related to currentZeroing
    Fixed: Wrong zeroing returned for soldiers
    Fixed: Needless searching for commander units in cargo space
    Fixed: Firing from the artillery computer while remote controlling a gunner unit
    Fixed: Drawing of icons on UAVs controlled by players
    Fixed: Zeus composition placement
    Fixed: Bool mismatch when enabling breathing sound
    Fixed: Never ending handler for damage when helo crashes into water
    Fixed: Broken weapon sway when running
    Fixed: Possible CTD
    Fixed: Sound: Changing focus breaks volume levels
    Switched priority of checks in paste command (Zeus)
    Ailerons, rudders, elevators and flaps on a plane controllable normally even with engine is off. No resetting of their position after turning the engine on.
    Sound: Removed environment sounds influence by rain density; rain volume was affected by rain density
    Support for hidden selection materials on soldier proxies (eg. headgear)
    Optimized sounds in -nosound mode and on Dedicated Servers
    Sound: Added: APO fadeout effect
    Changed behavior of throttle animation source
    Possible crash fix when silent join is used
    Changed Zeus group / sync controls
    Stars don't change size when zoomed in
    Animation state "static" parameter for ignoring step when computing slowdown
    PhysX entities don't collide with invisible objects
    lbSort accepts another parameter to specify ascending / descending order
    Update: Make animation soundOverride search case-insensitive
    No longer updating attached and invisible EPE objects. Remove attached objects from PhysX scene.



    Showcase Zeus
    ZGM 48+2 Master Altis
    ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (NATO)
    ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (CSAT)
    ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (AAF)
    ZGM 48+2 Master Stratis
    ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis (NATO)
    ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis (CSAT)
    ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis (AAF)
    ZSC 32+2 Control Edessa
    ZvP 10+1 Defend Kamino
    ZvP 10+1 Defend Syrta
    ZvP 10+1 Seize Edoris
    ZvP 10+1 Seize Feres
    Game Types
    ZDM / Zeus - Death Match
    ZCTF / Zeus - Capture The Flag
    ZCoop / Zeus - Cooperative Mission
    ZSC / Zeus - Sector Control
    ZCTI / Zeus - Capture The Island
    ZTDM / Zeus - Team Death Match
    ZRPG / Zeus - Role Playing Game
    ZGM / Zeus - Game Master
    ZvZ / Zeus vs. Zeus
    ZvP / Zeus vs. Players
    Note: Some of the modules are available only in the 2D editor, some in the Zeus interface and some in both places.

    Sheep [ModuleAnimalsSheep]
    Butterflies [ModuleAnimalsButterflies]
    Goats [ModuleAnimalsGoats]
    Poultry [ModuleAnimalsPoultry]
    Seagulls [ModuleAnimalsSeagulls]
    Play Music [ModuleMusic_F]
    Play Radio Message [ModuleRadio_F]
    Play Sound [ModuleSound_F]
    Chemlight (Blue) [ModuleChemlightBlue_F]
    Chemlight (Green) [ModuleChemlightGreen_F]
    Chemlight (Red) [ModuleChemlightRed_F]
    Chemlight (Yellow) [ModuleChemlightYellow_F]
    Tracers [ModuleTracers_F]
    Post-Process [ModulePostprocess_F]
    Skip Time [ModuleSkiptime_F]
    Weather [ModuleWeather_F]
    Fire Support
    Close Air Support (CAS) [ModuleCAS_F]
    CAS - Gun Run [ModuleCASGun_F]
    CAS - Missile Strike [ModuleCASMissile_F]
    CAS - Gun and Missiles [ModuleCASGunMissile_F]
    Ordnance [ModuleOrdnance_F]
    82 mm Mortar [ModuleOrdnanceMortar_F]
    155 mm Howitzer [ModuleOrdnanceHowitzer_F]
    230 mm Rocket [ModuleOrdnanceRocket_F]
    Flare (Green) [ModuleFlareGreen_F]
    Flare (Red) [ModuleFlareRed_F]
    Flare (White) [ModuleFlareWhite_F]
    Flare (Yellow) [ModuleFlareYellow_F]
    Cover Map [ModuleCoverMap_F]
    Create Radio Channel [ModuleRadioChannelCreate_F]
    Attack / Defend [ModuleObjectiveAttackDefend_F]
    Control Sector [ModuleObjectiveSector_F]
    Custom Objective [ModuleObjective_F]
    Get In [ModuleObjectiveGetIn_F]
    Move [ModuleObjectiveMove_F]
    Neutralize [ModuleObjectiveNeutralize_F]
    Protect [ModuleObjectiveProtect_F]
    Scenario Flow
    Briefing [ModuleDiary_F]
    Countdown [ModuleCountdown_F]
    End Scenario [ModuleEndMission_F]
    Respawn Tickets [ModuleRespawnTickets_F]
    Loadouts [ModuleRespawnInventory_F]
    Players (BLUFOR) [ModuleRespawnPositionWest_F]
    Players (Civilian) [ModuleRespawnPositionCiv_F]
    Players (Independent) [ModuleRespawnPositionGuer_F]
    Players (OPFOR) [ModuleRespawnPositionEast_F]
    Vehicles (BLUFOR) [ModuleVehicleRespawnPositionWest_F]
    Vehicles (Civilian) [ModuleVehicleRespawnPositionCiv_F]
    Vehicles (Independent) [ModuleVehicleRespawnPositionGuer_F]
    Vehicles (OPFOR) [ModuleVehicleRespawnPositionEast_F]
    Smoke Shells
    Smoke (Blue) [ModuleSmokeBlue_F]
    Smoke (Green) [ModuleSmokeGreen_F]
    Smoke (Orange) [ModuleSmokeOrange_F]
    Smoke (Purple) [ModuleSmokePurple_F]
    Smoke (Red) [ModuleSmokeRed_F]
    Smoke (White) [ModuleSmokeWhite_F]
    Smoke (Yellow) [ModuleSmokeYellow_F]
    Game Master [ModuleCurator_F]
    Add Camera Area [ModuleCuratorAddCameraArea_F]
    Add Editable Objects [ModuleCuratorAddEditableObjects]
    Add Editing Area [ModuleCuratorAddEditingArea_F]
    Add Icon [ModuleCuratorAddIcon_F]
    Manage Addons [ModuleCuratorAddAddons_F]
    Manage Resources [ModuleCuratorAddPoints_F]
    Restrict Editing Around Players [ModuleCuratorAddEditingAreaPlayers_F]
    Set Attributes - Groups [ModuleCuratorSetAttributesGroup_F]
    Set Attributes - Markers [ModuleCuratorSetAttributesMarker_F]
    Set Attributes - Objects [ModuleCuratorSetAttributesObject_F]
    Set Attributes - Players [ModuleCuratorSetAttributesPlayer_F]
    Set Attributes - Waypoints [ModuleCuratorSetAttributesWaypoint_F]
    Set Camera Position [ModuleCuratorSetCamera_F]
    Set Costs - Modules [ModuleCuratorSetModuleCosts_F]
    Set Costs - Objects [ModuleCuratorSetObjectCosts_F]
    Set Costs - Soldiers & Vehicles [ModuleCuratorSetCosts_F]
    Set Costs (Default) [ModuleCuratorSetDefaultCosts_F]
    Set Costs (Side) [ModuleCuratorSetSideCosts_F]
    Set Editing Area Type [ModuleCuratorSetEditingAreaType_F]
    Set Editing Costs [ModuleCuratorSetCoefs_F]
    Added: 2 Zeus music tracks
    Added: Automatic initialization of mission parameters with "init" or "function" attribute present.
    Added: Predefined mission parameters:
    Admin debug console
    Independents are friendly to
    Time limit
    Time of day
    Respawn tickets
    Added: MenuPosition and MenuInventory respawn templates will now automatically respawn the player when he / she joins the game, letting him / her select a position and loadout.
    Added: Height is no longer ignored in respawn positions added using BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition. When on building floors, players will respawn on the exact spot instead of around the building. When in the air, players will respawn parachuting down.
    Added: Calling BIS_fnc_endMission will now play a victory / loss music cue. This can be disabled using a new optional function parameter.
    Fixed: Align left and align center texts in HUDs for A-164 and To-199 planes
    Fixed: The smoke module is not visible to clients on MP (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18000)
    Fixed: Splendid camera didn't work well with UAVs and remotely controlled units
    Fixed: Localization issues in GUI editor
    Fixed: Deleting a task didn't remove its variable completely
    Fixed: Research House yellow arrow was floating in the air
    Fixed: Bug in the shadows of the concrete ramp
    Fixed: 'Supports' menu in High Command lead to the wrong class
    Fixed: Overall angle of lights for To-199 'Neophron'
    Fixed: Left and center aligns in HUDs of helicopters
    Fixed: Position of rockets on the Greyhawk / Ababil
    Fixed: Rate of fire for the cannon of A-143 'Buzzard'
    Fixed: Sector flags were based on the faction of players' vehicles, not players themselves (e.g. a BLUFOR player capturing a sector in a stolen OPFOR vehicle resulted in the flag being OPFOR)
    Fixed: Camera of the Greyhawk / Ababil CAS variants
    Fixed: Range Officer moved to Men (Story) category
    Fixed: Zero divisor error in particle hit effects
    Fixed: An issue with rocket launchers locking MRAPs incorrectly
    Fixed: An issue where players were unable to get into the gunner position of an armed Offroad
    Fixed: Position of zeroing in the gunner's position of the Offroad
    Fixed: Kajman helicopters no longer shoot rockets in pairs
    Fixed: Small and cropped texts in armor optics
    Fixed: Stadium offset glitches
    Added: New get in and get out animation for the To-199 Neophron
    Added: Stall, lights and anti-collision light indicators in the HUDs for A-164 and To-199 planes
    Added: Opening cockpit and new instruments for To-199 'Neophron'
    Added: Details to the commander gun of the Slammer UP
    Added: Debug console can now be made available for admins using new "DebugConsole" mission param (see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Mission_Parameters for more details)
    Added: When a respawn point at an altitude larger than 20m is added using BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition, players will respawn in a parachute
    Added: Locking sounds for PCML so it is no longer muted
    Added: BIS_fnc_loop for code / function looping with timing and conditional control
    Added: BIS_fnc_runLater for code / function executing later, with timing and conditional control
    Added: Specific holders for NVG, binoculars and laser designator
    Updated: Offroad PhysX - lowered inertia, strengthened clutch, changed gearbox and engine
    Updated: Ghost Hotel Gazebo visuals
    Updated: Roadways and AI path-finding around the Stadium
    Updated: Penetration materials on the small radar building
    Updated: Cannons of BLUFOR and OPFOR CAS planes should now be stronger
    Updated: Wipeout flight model with new parameters and reduced nose-drop issues
    Adjusted scripts for animal color randomization to be more MP-friendly
    Moved air intake switch threshold for Neophron from 50-70m to 10-25m
    Optimization of various particle effects
    BIS_fnc_establishingShot: fixed viewing angle dependency on direction of camera movement
    BIS_fnc_establishingShot: Formatting of SITREP made consistent with campaign presentation
    BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler now supports custom parameters to be used as suggested: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167822-Stacked-event-handlers-OnEachFrame-OnPlayerConnected-etc&p=2617251&viewfull=1#post2617251
    Increased the limit for the Strider's speed indicator (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16472)
    Adjusted AoA of both CAS planes
    The hint for flares is now correct for standard flare launchers
    The Stadium has a new tower for commentators
    New version of lamps have been added to the Stadium
    Jet exhaust effects optimization
    The damage of various parts of vehicles has been made more distinguishable and dependent on the damage source (explosion vs shots)
    Increased indirect range radius of rocket launchers to increase the lethal radius of blasts around point of impact. This change improves especially the lethality of Anti-Personnel rockets (RPG HE, Titan AP).
    Dust effect while shooting handguns while prone added
    Smoke effects for Blackfoot when heavily damaged added
    Unified the amount of First Aid Kits available in support vehicles
    Redesigned the AVTerminal UI
    Fixed: Random flickering of rolling credits
    The camo pattern of the Neophron has been tweaked to be more suited for low-level flight
    Repaired glass sorting and window damaging for the Tempest
    Set up proper hit values for 12.7mm APDS and SLAP ammunition to maintain their effectiveness against lightly armored targets. Also added proper costs for them.
    The Stadium decals are now properly covered by shadows
    Adjusted pathways for the Stadium
    Some particle lights tweaked (mainly missiles)
    Greyhawk / Ababil UAVs have missiles / bomb controlled by the gunner
    Altis has been tweaked
    Fuel signs on gas stations have been fixed in distant LODs
    Geometry of VTOL wreck has been fixed
    The shadow of the cap with headphones has been fixed
    AT mine clusters for artillery have been loaded with proper AT mines
    Potential campaign spoilers:
    Handled the transition of gear from a scenario that is connected to more then one other scenario (e.g. Paradise Found > Status Quo and Game Over)
    Longer delays between music tracks in Jukeboxes
    Fixed: In Preventive Diplomacy there was a chance CAS support would engage the enemy without the player requesting its support
    Fixed: Moral Fiber: Failed Misison even though enemy armor was destroyed (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18005)
    Fixed: In Moral Fiber point X-ray is considered cleared, even though enemy soldiers that can shoot the player are still present
    Fixed: Bingo Fuel: Cistern was being attacked by an armored vehicle while diverting fuel
    Removed unnecessary briefingName definition for Showcase Fixed-wings
    Status Quo
    The FPS in Athira was improved by trimming the composition and separating it into 2 compositions
    The car accident composition is now handled by FPS optimization routines as well
    Shouting ambient units were silenced
    Empty groups are now correctly deleted when compositions are despawned
    The date and time in mission Intel fixed to be on par with cfgTimeline
    The airport main doors are now opened and disabled, to prevent player closing the doors, which resulted in the reporter walking through closed doors
    Game Over
    Player and his team made to be immortal when the scenario is finished (they could crash in their helicopter during the black out)
    Unused conversation deleted
    Changed channel from direct to side as Kerry can already be in a vehicle (and won't hear himself if in 3rd person view)
    Friendly and enemy aerial vehicles added (no ATGMs for enemies)
    AA launchers / AA teams at key points added

    Scripting Commands

    Event Handlers

    Fixed: Log warning message format caused a crash in rare cases
    Fixed: CTD related to missing groups
    Fixed: Sound: Changed loop count from infinite to 1. Sample no longer needs to explicitly stop.
    Fixed: Sound: Update restarted sample position
    Fixed: Scripting command createUnit is now respecting height coordinate, but also places the object at the right height
    Fixed: Skipping changes when weather is synchronized from the server
    Fixed: Missing NULL test for AI (slight optimization)
    Fixed: Loading player profile when launching a Dedicated Server
    Fixed: Endless loop when a text is too large to fit into a multiline edit box
    Fixed: Time error scaling in MP games
    Fixed: Broken multiline texts in CStatic and CEdit

    Added: introduced script command isEqual (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18089)
    Added: Custom icon for Logic side in diary
    Sound: Enabled infinite looping for "loop" sounds
    Support of UAV feed in description.ext (showUAVFeed with the same functionality as https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#showGPS)
    Weapon sway is now computed in more vertical manner
    UAV Terminal map interaction has been enhanced
    Intel's TBB4 allocator updated to version 4.2u3
    Weapon switching happens after reloading of the current weapon is finished
    Optimized animation movement parameters
    Disabled unit no longer track targets
    Disabled units have more of their functions disabled (optimization)
    Possibility to set radius of loiter waypoints added

    Запуск игры:
    1. Для игры через интернет вначале всегда запускаем Tunngle или Hamachi и входим в комнату, где играют в Arma III.
    2. Запускаем игру через Arma3.exe (от имени администратора).

    В игре:
    Играть (Play) —> Сетевая игра (Multiplayer) —> Выбираем область поиска ЛВС (LAN) —> Перед вами список серверов, подключаемся к любому.
    Либо: Играть (Play) —> Сетевая игра (Multiplayer) —> Удаленный —> Вводим Ip-адрес сервера и порт вручную —> ОК.

    Создание сервера:
    Играть (Play) —> Сетевая игра (Multiplayer) —> Новая (New) —> Задаем имя сервера, тип соединения ЛВС (LAN) —> OK —> Выбираем миссию и настраиваем —> Играть —> Ждем, пока к вам подключатся игроки —> Наслаждаемся игрой


    • Если возникает ошибка MSVCR120.dll - читаем эту статью (ссылка) и делаем все по ней.
    • Ник и язык меняется в настройках профиля.
    • Редактор (Editor) тоже работает, как и одиночные миссии (Showcases).
    • Русский язык поддерживается. Задается в настройках или в файле LumaEmu.ini (GameLanguage = russian/english)
    • После запуска в меню может выскакивать "Picture \a3\data\logos\tm_caa.paa not found" - это нормально, просто закрываем.
    • Играть можно только на пиратских серверах, к лицензионным не подключится \ не будет видно.
      Руководство запуска: Arma 3 по сети

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